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The keyblade has been lost for over 100 years. But it has come back, and now it has found a new race to bestow its powers upon. These people called, 'Soul Reapers'...
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 Character Area

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Narora / Ventus

Narora / Ventus

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Character Area
Name:: Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Character Area   Character Area Icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2010 6:00 pm

(the character area is in your profiles and is NOT used to post up a Character in the fourms. it is to help keep track of your Characters.)

Name: (self explanatory)

Age: (self Explanatory)

Weapon: (List the weapons you have here and if needed, the amount in the format of 'x[#]'. and put a (*) next to the ones that are Equiped)

Items: (list any items you have baught from the shop or won doing something here. use 'x[#]' even if you only have 1. and put a (*) next to the ones that are Equiped.)

Level: (Admin can edit only, this keeps track of your Level. there are 99 like in KH)

EXP: (your expereance you get from killing heartless. when you are:

LV 1-10 EXP is very low gain. the max you can get in a NON boss battle is 12. in a boss battle, you can get up to 50-100

LVL 11-40 EXP is higher. the max you get from a NON boss battle is 30. in a boss battle, you can get up to 200-500)

LVL 41-70 EXP is very high. the max you get from a NON boss battle is 90. in a boss battle, you can get up to 500-1000)

LVL 71-99 EXP is the Highest here. the max you get form a NON boss battle is 150. in a boss battle, you can get up to 900-1900.

with a LVL dubbler/Tripler/Quadrupler, these amounts are x2/3/4 depending on witch one you have. only ONE(1) can be equiped at a time.)

Family: (if your character has family or has his/her own family, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, white the CHARACTER'S name there.)

Race: (are you a Keybearing Vizard? A Keybearing Nobody/heartless? put it here.)

Attack/Magic/Speed/Defence: (these are numbers that say what your... umm.. stats are at the time. these can increase by:

winning an event, being an active member, Leveling up, Driving, ect. almost anything.

the admin that increasses it will say how much you have gotten. let them know if your character is based around speed, or defence, or magic, or attack. they will deside.)

Drive Gadge: (The Drive gadge is what lets you use a Drive Form. for it:

Will go down every 2 posts without a Form Boost.

Will go down every 3 posts with 1 Form boost.

Will go down every 4 posts with 2 Form Boosts.

Will go down every 5 posts with 3 Form Boosts.

only 3 Form Boosts can be equiped at a time.

it will increase by 1 over the corse of 10 levels. once you reach LV 80, it will stop going up for the max amount you can have is 10 bars of Drive. and no it will not refull by leaving a world or going into a toruny. but a admin can say when it has gone up a bar or two. Getting it back is relatively the same as the game, kill Heartless/Nobodies/Unversed and you get half a bar back, kill 2 heartless/nobodies/unversed and you have 1 full bar back.)

That is all. if you have any questions about it please feel free to Pm me.
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Character Area
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